Early Childhood Research & Practice is in the process of moving to the early childhood special education program at Loyola University Chicago after 17 years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are delighted by the opportunity to “pass the torch” to our Loyola early childhood colleagues.

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Volume 17 Number 1
©The Author(s) 2015

Spring 2015


Exploring Perspectives on Child Care With Families of Children With Autism Mariana Mereoiu, Carol Bland, Nicole Dobbins, & Judith A. Niemeyer Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015

Enhancing Child Care Quality by Director Training and Collegial Mentoring Gillian Doherty, Tammy McCormick Ferguson, Glory Ressler, & Jonathan Lomotey Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015

Notes From the Field

The Impact of Animated Books on the Vocabulary and Language Development of Preschool-Aged Children in Two School Settings Amy D. Broemmel, Mary Jane Moran, & Deborah A. Wooten Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015

Examining Computational Skills in Prekindergarteners: The Effects of Traditional and Digital Manipulatives in a Prekindergarten Classroom Cassandra Mattoon, Alan Bates, Rena Shifflet, Nancy Latham, & Sarah Ennis Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015


“Trees and Things That Live In Trees”: Three Children with Special Needs Experience the Project Approach Susan Griebling, Peggy Elgas, & Rachel Konerman Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015

Our Wheels Project: Finding the Extraordinary Within the Ordinary Jane Cowan Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015

Special Section: The Landscape of Early Care and Education in Illinois


Chicago Mothers on Finding and Using Child Care During Nonstandard Work Hours Marcia Stoll, David Alexander, & Christine Nicpon Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015


Recommendations for Implementing the New Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards to Affect Classroom Practices for Social and Emotional Learning Katherine M. Zinsser & Linda Dusenbury Volume 17, Number 1: Spring 2015