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Volume 3 Number 1
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New Publications

ERIC/EECE has recently published two new Digests, the spring issue of its newsletter, and issues of the Internet parenting magazine Parent News:

ERIC Digests



Direct Search

The Direct Search Web site is not an ERIC/EECE Web site, but three databases from ERIC/EECE Web sites have recently been added to the compilation of resources on the Direct Search Web site.

The Direct Search Web site, which is maintained at George Washington University, compiles links to the search interfaces of data resources (databases and other types) on Web sites, as opposed to Web pages on Web sites. These are resources that are difficult or impossible to find using general search tools like Alta Vista, Google, or Hotbot, which search Web pages. The authors of Direct Search call these resources that are "hidden" from search tools, the "invisible Web."

The Direct Search Web site seeks to make available the massive amount of information in these data resources. You can browse for these resources in several categories, such as Humanities, Social Science, and Legal; or you can search the compilation using keyword terms. Note that the Direct Search Web site simply points to these resources; it doesn't search the resources themselves.

The Direct Search Web site is available at http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~gprice/direct.htm

The following three databases from ERIC/EECE have been recently included in the Direct Search compilation:

1. NCCIC Child Care Resources Database

The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC), ERIC/EECE's Adjunct ERIC Clearinghouse on Child Care, has compiled data on child care from various sources and has made these data available in a database on its Web site. The Web site and database are available at http://nccic.org

The database, which was announced in ECRP volume 2, number 2 (Fall, 2000), contains resources related to the following topics:

2. CLAS Materials Database

The Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Institute, another federally funded project with which ERIC/EECE works closely, has acquired a collection of resources related to working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations in early childhood education, particularly in special education contexts. The CLAS staff have reviewed many of the materials in this collection. These reviews, along with additional descriptive and bibliographic information, have been made available in an online searchable database. Some of the materials are available in full text; some of the materials are provided as excerpts. The CLAS Web site and database are available at http://clas.uiuc.edu/ and http://clas.uiuc.edu/search.html

The materials in the database can be searched by subject or keyword, age range of child, format (i.e., printed material, videotape, etc.), author, title, project name, or language.

The CLAS Web site has been noted in previous issues of ECRP. Recently the CLAS Web site underwent a slight redesign and reorganization of the sections of the site, with the intent of improving its ease of use.

3. Reading Pathfinder Database

The Reading Pathfinder staff search the Web to locate high-quality resources that may be used to assist children's reading through Grade 3. Information about these resources is included in the Reading Pathfinder online searchable database. A direct link to the Web resource is also provided. The Web site and database are available at http://readingpath.org and http://ericps.crc.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/readpath/searchrp.cgi

The information in the database can be searched by title, keyword, age or education level (e.g., preschoolers), intended audience (e.g., caregivers), setting (e.g., child care center), resource type (e.g., books), or language. The Reading Pathfinder Web site was first announced in ECRP, volume 2, number 1 (Spring, 2000).


The full text of the Proceedings of the Families, Technology, & Education Conference (October 30-November 1, 1997) has been uploaded to the Web site. This publication can be found at http://ecap.crc.illinois.edu/eecearchive/books/fte/ftepro.html

This publication includes presentations that relate to the following areas:

Facts in Action

ERIC/EECE works with the Early Education Clearinghouse in Boston to sponsor the Facts in Action Web site, which is available at http://factsinaction.org/

Facts in Action is the newsletter of the Early Education Clearinghouse. The Web site provides an online version of the newsletter articles, plus additional resources. The Early Education Clearinghouse, through the newsletter and Web site, seeks to put research-based knowledge and tools into the hands of those who serve in the early childhood field, as well as those who influence or make policy that affects the field.

The Web site contains summaries of recent research, facts and statistics, reports on tools to use in measuring outcomes, and legislative and administrative policy updates. Each newsletter article focuses on key findings and action steps. In other words, the newsletter and Web site seek to help practitioners turn facts into action!