Hayden is playing with the sifting pan (henceforth, pan) sifting out plastic jewels from the sand. Nickolas looks on and grabs the pan when Hayden puts it to the side for a moment.

Hayden (to Nickolas): "No, give that to meeee." She successfully gets the pan and then sanctions Nickolas, "That's not funny."

Nickolas (smiles and repeats): "That's not funny." Again Nickolas takes the pan and puts it on his head.

Hayden reaches unsuccessfully for the pan and says, "Nickolas, Nickolas."

Nickolas moves away from Hayden. Then as Hayden pursues, he runs and Hayden exclaims many times, "Nickolas, Nickolas, It's not funny" as she chases him around the room.

Nickolas escapes to the next room, but a teacher intervenes to return to pan to Hayden. George then invites both children to watch the video replay of this little episode called "The Case of the Stolen Pan."

George: "Let's go look at this on tape."

George (refers to replay on camera): "There you are playing. And then, let's see what happens." (voices here on replay) "I am going to go forward just a little bit more. There is, your name is Hayden isn't it?" (Hayden nods yes.)

Nickolas: "And my name is Nickolas."

George: "Right. See what you think of this, and whether you think there is another way you could have handled this."

Nickolas sees himself on the video and giggles at this recognition.

George: "All right, here it comes. What happened?" (On the replay, Nickolas had just taken the pan from Hayden. The two children can hear on the sound track Hayden yelling, "Nickolas, Nickolas, It's not funny," and on the replay they see Hayden chasing Nickolas.)

George: "What's going on?"

Hayden: "Well, he took this pan (shows pan), and I was trying to get it."

George (to Nickolas): "Did you remember that?"

Nickolas (turns his back a bit to George): "Yeah, I remember that."

George: "Well, let's see how it keeps going. And what do you do next?"

Nickolas (looks carefully at replay of tape): "I'm going into this room." (He means that he is leaving the big room and is entering the small room, where he is now standing looking at the replay with George and Hayden.)

George (confused): "No, I mean, what are you doing now?" (referring to the running from Hayden). "You're chasing him all over the room aren't you" (looking at Hayden).

Hayden: Nods yes.

George: "So what do you think of that? Why did you take that away from her? Were you teasing her? Were you playing with her?"

Nickolas (turns away, briefly lowers his head, and answers softly): "Yeah."