George (to Rubin): "Who's that? What are you doing?"

Rubin: "It's Rubin."

George: "You're doing what?" (George did not know Rubin's name and assumed he was answering the previous question.)

Rubin: "It's Rubin."

George: "You're soaping?"

Rubin: "See, It's Rubin." (Points to viewfinder.) "That's Rubin."

George: "Rubin, Ohhh. Who's Rubin? Is that you?"

Rubin: "Yeah."

George: "Oh, O.K."

Rubin (points to the action in the viewfinder): "We're playing ocean with the black one."

George: "Yeah."

George (to the Asian child, Peter, who is touching the viewfinder with his soapy fingers): "Oh, your hands are a little wet. You want to see it?" (referring to the viewfinder).

George rotates the viewfinder to face Peter. Images in the viewfinder invert so that they are right side up of Peter.

Slight cut forward in time.

Rubin (pointing to image of a young girl in the viewfinder, then asking the air around him): "Who's that?"

George: "Uhhh, that's your friend who was sitting right here" (gestures to the space adjacent to Rubin at the present).

Scene shifts to Rubin moving the rubber fish in and out of the water.

Rubin: "That's Rubin playing The Big Whale Eat the Fish."

George: He's doing what to the fish?

Rubin: "Yeah."

George: "Ohh."

Rubin: "The big whale eat the fish." (Rubin gestures widely with his hand and arm, re-enacting the dive of the big whale.)