Original experience, before revisiting: Charlie is walking George through the classroom looking for things that are "camera worthy."

Revisiting with Charlie after Charlie pointed to the fishnet.

George: "I don't know what you're pointing at." (We hear on the tape: "Why do you want me to look at that?")

George (stops the tape): "Remember, what was it you wanted me to look at?"

Charlie: "I wanted you to look at that seaweed."

George: "That fishnet?"

Charlie: "Yeah."

George: "Or was it the rope?"

Charlie: "The fishnet."

George: "Why did you want me to look at that?"

Charlie: "Well they hanged it up."

George: "Oh, just today? It was new?"

Charlie: "Yeah, I wanted you to get it on tape and put it on the big screen."

George: "OK. That was a good idea. Let's see what happens next."