Derrick and George watch the replay of Derrick's being very careful with his truck as he drives it over the edge of the carpeted platform in the big room.

George: "Now I remember what you did. Ooh, look at that" (points to the viewfinder). "You had it on top of that platform."

Derrick: "Uh-huh."

George: "Did you see how you let it down realll slowww?"

Derrick: "Uh-huh."

George: "Look at that" (both look at replay). "You started to just push it over and then you slowed it down."

George (rewinds to show that segment again): "Watch this. See. Did you see how you just let it go realll slowww. Why did you go real slow?"

Derrick: " 'Cause I didn't want to break it."

George: "You didn't want to break it, yeah, 'cause if you just let it go, that's kind of a drop from way up there."