Autumn has just moved her hand in front of the camera lens. She saw her hand through the eyepiece as she wiggled her fingers. Now we are looking at the replay of her hand, wiggling on the viewfinder. While Autumn is watching her hand wiggle on the replay, she is leaning forward with her real hands resting on her knees.

Autumn (sees her hand wiggling on the viewfinder): "That's my hand."

George: "That's your hand. I thought this was your hand" (George touches Autumn's right hand resting on her right knee).

Autumn: "My hand."

George: "So how can that be your hand?" (touches image of Autumn hands on replay in viewfinder).

Autumn: "Yeah."

George: "Yeah."

Autumn (lifts body up slightly): "That's funny."

George: "That's funny. Yeah, that is funny."